LA CASA DEL BED & BREAKFAST - B&B Piccolo Paradiso bed and breakfast

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immagini della casa

A look into the house that hosts.

In a seventeenth century building elegantly restored, mantaining its original characteristics; perfectly integrated into the architectural context of the place, in a familiar environment and in a silent and quite area, we offer to our guests three wonderful rooms for your vacation in Finale Ligure. Far away from traffic, it has the advantage of being silent and very well isolated by its brick walls, fresh during summer and warm during winter.


We pay particular attention to the breakfast, prepared by the lady of the house who always uses freshly baked products and typical food from the tradition of Liguria.

immagini della casa

                Our very simple rules

Ten rules of Piccolo Paradiso to make you travel and feel at home

1. The guest is the sovereign   
hospitality and kindness are the main characteristics of the owners of the B&B who chose to open their house to visitors from all over the world.

2. La Dolce Vita       
spending your vacation in Italy by choosing the B&B option, it’s the most interesting and original way to discover the “Belpaese”.

3. The advantage of saving        
the low fares of the B&B encourage visitors to extend their itineraries.

4. “Sleeping between two pillows”        
comfy rooms and the accessability of the whole building characterize the welcoming feeling that belongs to the B&B.

5. A guide at your service       
The informations about the land are available to B&B guests who want to know the history and the surroundings of the place.

6. A friend to meet       
many chances of meeting and joining new people in a familiar and friendly environment of the B&B.

7. People-oriented      
an atmosphere of familiarity is the one you can experience in the B&B, where visitors can feel at ease, as they were at home.

8. Interior design     
novelty and harmony characterize the B&B spaces, always assimilated in a context that represent the local tradition.

9. Add a place to the table        
a familiar breakfast prepared with love, choosing the best products from italian tradition and from the products of the land.

10. You can trust it      
reliability, correctness and experience of the owners who do their best to guarantee a pleasant and confortable stay.

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